China: Trump will NOT make America Great Again with WW3 National Debt

China’s official military newspaper criticized President Donald Trump’s inflated defense budget, arguing it would not help the Republican leader achieve his domestic policy goals.


The commentary, authored by Li Xiang of the War Studies College at the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Science and edited by the official PLA Daily, tore into the recently passed 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, which boosted the military spending by nearly $20 billion to a decade-spanning record of $717 billion. The author argued that despite the president’s best efforts, “the U.S. armed forces have failed to live up to Trump’s expectations. Scandals like ship collisions, drug abuses, and rapes have repeatedly incurred.

“Today, safety and stability are expectations of people around the world, and cooperation and win-win are the general trends. The U.S. cannot ‘make itself great again’ by simply investing more in its defense spending,” Xiang continued, referencing Trump’s prolific campaign slogan.

“The U.S. authorities should realize that the main obstacle to reach its ‘Make America Great Again’ goal is not that its military is not strong enough, but the reckless measures it takes to become the only superpower,” the author concluded.