World War 3 May be Delayed, Not Canceled

I know that most of us here are concerned about World War 3. I want to comment on this as well as terms and meaning.

For example, many say there will never be a WW3 because the elites are in bed together.

This is not any evidence that there will be no deception or false flag to engineer events that will send men and women out to kill other men and women. They are already doing it in and to the middle east and their people. Why will the WEST be sparred from all violence and blow-back from all nations?

If we have a draft, plenty of young women could be sent to the front lines. If anything, it shows the elites are staging events that will lead to many lives being lost. This is the ultimate depopulation agenda in motion in my eyes.

I think the reality is that for most people it was more interesting to investigate depopulation theories a decade ago or only in certain contexts.

For example, chemtrails and vaccines are very popular topics and depopulation often comes up as a reason why it’s even happening to begin with.

Why is there not more suspicion that the elite plan to stage a war between Russia, China, and the United States to depopulate the planet and roll out the trans humanistic agenda afterwards?

From what I can tell, this is their true agenda and they are on a time table. Events have been planned much in advance.

There is great concern that the US will strike North Korea very soon and it may indeed. It may also be that the US does not attack North Korea but has made enough threats in the post Trump selection to make Trump’s foreign policy crystal clear to the rest of the world so they can better prepared themselves. Kind of like throwing a fake punch with brass knuckles right?

Trump fakes a blow and the world moves in position. Not a wise street fighting position but that’s what we are seeing in slow motion.

While Trump of course eats chocolate cake and appears to be totally psycho to the rest of the world.

However facing the reality that Trump is putting on a show by design to destroy the image of leadership within the United States in time is a bit more psychotic of a new world order deception. This deception and agenda to destroy American from within runs deep.

I believe that is what we are looking at as troubling as it is to read – a staged managed world war to depopulate the planet and bring about a new global government system.

These current geopolitical moves, decisions and more are signals for the world to move into its world war 3 battle position and is in truth less about the United States benefiting in the end from Trump’s John Wayne styled decisions.

Everything appears to be going to plan and on schedule for a a greater hot war to begin in and around 2020 with a more dangerous outcome for US citizens by 2025.