China Orders US to remove anti-missile THAAD system from South Korea

This we could see coming.

As the world was distracted with North Korea’s threats and the US response, the THAAD system was being installed in South Korea.

This system is a offensive system as are the systems outside Russia. They are setting the state for conflict and this makes a target out of South Korea.

This is a major reason behind the protests there opposing the missile defense shield.

The Independent Reports:

‘China has demanded the US reverse the deployment of an anti-missile defence system aimed at preventing a strike by North Korea on its southern neighbour, saying it could be used as a tool for spying.

Beijing says its opposition to the stationing of a THAAD unit in South Korea is based on concerns that it could interfere with its own military operations.

The defence system, situated on a former golf course in the southern province of Seongju, has reached initial operational capacity.’

Russia Today Reports:

Recently installed in South Korea, the THAAD system is aimed at detecting and shooting down missiles. It became operational on Monday and is able “to intercept North Korean missiles and defend the Republic of Korea [South Korea],” according to US Forces Korea spokesman Col. Rob Manning.

The deployment of the US defense system triggered protests in South Korea, with citizens saying that it would only provoke an attack from their northern neighbor.