Indian Navy Launches Lethal Missile Destroyer

The Indian Navy has launched its first guided-missile destroyer of Indian design and construction, the country’s Defense Ministry said in a statement Monday.

“The first ship of project — 15B, guided missile destroyer, christened ‘Visakhapatnam’ was launched on April 20, 2015 at a magnificent ceremony at Mazagaon Dock Limited (MDL), Mumbai,” the statement read.

The Visakhapatnam is the first of four destroyers of the class designed by the Directorate of Naval Design in New Delhi.

The stealth warship has a displacement of 7,300 tons and is 163 meters long. It will be powered by four gas turbines to be able to travel at speeds of greater than 30 knots.

The Visakhapatnam-class vessels are designed to carry two multiple-role helicopters and are equipped with a vertical launching missile system capable of engaging shore- and sea-based targets from long range.