Over 100 Aircraft in Russian Defense Drill

More than 100 aircraft and helicopters are involved in the large-scale aviation exercises in Russia’s Far East and the Transbaikal territory, the head of the Eastern Military District’s press service, Colonel Alexander Gordeyev, said on Wednesday.

“As part of massive command-staff exercises on guiding the task forces of aviation and air defense district air force units, deployed in the Primorye, Khabarovsk, Transbaikal and Kamchatka territories, the practical tasks were worked out of achieving air superiority,” Gordeyev said.

The crews and pilots of Su-35, Su-30 and Su-27 fighters practised air-to-air operations and performed launches of guided missiles and firing from air guns at a number of shooting ranges.

Gordeyev said the exercises were conducted both over the earth and the sea. “The pilots practised the tasks acting individually, and as part of pairs, units and groups,” he added.